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Aumidi Immobilier
Aumidi Immobilier
Aumidi Immobilier

Since we met each other 15 years ago, the subject of moving abroad has been discussed frequently and certainly every holiday. Since these holiday chats, we have taken the big step and we have finally found inner peace. In the summer of 2020, we arrived here during the corona pandemic. We used to spend a lot of our holidays in France. We have therefore specifically chosen France and have settled in what we think is one of the most beautiful regions in the country, the Lauragais, between Toulouse and Carcassonne.

We live near the town of Castelnaudary. Our 2 daughters of 11 and 9 go to primary school here and have found their feet. In the meantime, we have set up our own real estate agency and explored the property market here.

In the Netherlands, we have years of experience in real estate and now a year’s experience here in France. Véronique worked in the marketing communications industry in the Netherlands for many years and the last 4 years she has worked for an NVM registered broker and completed the broker training. Menno has worked for 13 years in real estate development, first as a financial manager and then as a developer of large real estate projects including four- and five-star hotels, offices and luxury homes mainly in Amsterdam.

It is our dream to help as many potential buyers as possible in the Lauragais region to realise their dream and to help property sellers to leave their property in good hands. We look forward to being of service to you.

Kind regards,

Menno and Véronique van Veenendaal

Menno van Veenendaal
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Véronique van Veenendaal