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Off to the South! Aumidi!

Aumidi, your real estate agent in the Lauragais

Buying a second home or even living full-time in the South of France is a dream for many people. Life in the south, ‘Le Midi’, is pure and rich in history and culture. There is space, peace and nature with a view of the Pyrenees almost everywhere. Still, realising this dream is a challenge for many which is not surprising as there is lots to consider.

We at Aumidi Immobilier have years of experience in the Dutch real estate business and are established as licensed estate agents in the heart of the Lauragais, the most beautiful region of the south. We guide you on the ground with the purchase or sale of your property. With our knowledge of the French laws and regulations, the regional market and a network of partners with whom we work, we can assist you through the process of realising your dream. So on to the South! Aumidi!


Aumidi Immobilier can offer you a complete purchase guidance. We will first map your search profile and assist you in your search. Besides the offers on various websites, we will use our local network to help you find a suitable home.


Aumidi Immobilier will gladly assist you in selling your property. With our knowledge and experience, we will be able to advise you on how to determine a sale price that is in accordance with the market.

The Lauragais region

This region is not very well known yet. The daily life in the villages and small towns is basic, pure and provincial. It really is France ‘à la campagne!’ Endless fields with sunflowers, grain, vineyards, rivers, canals, forests, hills and mountains. A varied landscape, sometimes charming and then again tough and robust with often a view of the Pyrenees.

Aumidi that is us

Since we met each other 15 years ago, the subject of moving abroad has been discussed frequently and certainly every holiday. Since these holiday chats, we have taken the big step and we have finally found inner peace.In the summer of 2020, we arrived here during the corona pandemic. We used to spend a lot of our holidays in France.

canal Toulouse
Languedoc-Rousillon campagne
maison a vendre
Mirepoix Pyreneeën

Would you like to know more about our services or additional information? Can we assist you with the purchase of a home or the sale of your home? You can contact us without obligation. We’d love to hear from you.