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Aumidi Immobilier will gladly assist you in selling your property. With our knowledge and experience, we will be able to advise you on how to determine a sale price that is in accordance with the market. Of course, several factors play a role to this, such as the surroundings, the location, the structural condition of the house, the surface area and the view for example.

Then, together with you, we will determine the approach for an optimal sales process and we will take care of the marketing of your property, with national and international publicity, the use of social media and our own network.

At the same time, we will inform you about the applicable laws and regulations and the mandatory inspections and examinations (such as the diagnostic technique file). We will conduct the negotiations with the potential buyer and, in the event of a sale, we will draw up the purchase agreement and execute the deeds at the notary.

In summary, the sales process can be as follows:

  • determining the sales price.
  • marketing your property.
  • informing you of applicable laws and regulations.
  • negotiations with the buyer.
  • drawing up the sales agreement.
  • passing the deeds at the notary.


The commission charged by estate agents in France is generally between 3% and 8% including VAT and therefore in general higher than, for example, in the UK.

The difference is largely because in France, several different estate agents receive the same assignment from a homeowner to sell their property. In addition, the homeowner can also sell their house via his private channel to a buyer, without the help of one of the hired estate agents, and therefore is not due any agency fees.

Consequently, the exact same work is done by several people at the same time, in the same market. If we were to apply general probability theory, the chance of an estate agent selling a house when using a total of 3 agents and the owner himself, is 25%.

Are you looking for a sales agent to sell your property? Are you curious about our fees and approach? Then please contact us.

Selling your property, yourself

In France, approximately 50% of homeowners decide to sell their house themselves. A large proportion do not succeed, usually because they do not take the proper steps in the process.

There are homeowners who like to maintain the contact with potential buyers and execute the viewings themselves. If so, you can choose to outsource the marketing of your property to us. We will set up a marketing campaign for the sale of your property. We bring your property to the attention of your target group by using national and international websites, social media and our own network.

In this case you, as a client, will:

  • receive all the reactions to the advertisements.
  • organise and execute the viewings.
  • negotiate an agreement yourself.
  • organise and sign the deeds of the sale at the notary.

During this process we can assist you with our advice on demand, answer your questions and search in our network for a potential buyer.

Do you have any questions, or would you like additional information? Please, contact us.